Reach Thousands of Mobile Contacts
For Less Than Half The Cost of Manual Dials


Reduce Costs

Reach all of your mobile contacts at a fraction of the cost

Costs less than half of a manual dial

Maximize resources: Free up agents to answer inbound calls


Expand Your Reach

Deliver thousands of messages at one time

Reach mobile consumers with consideration and compliance

More than 50% of the responses come within the first two hours after delivery!


Generate Results

More inbound calls = more collections

Connect with mobile contacts more frequently

Turn your call center into a profit center!

15% of every phone rep's time is spent leaving voicemails.

A team of 50 phone reps leaves approximately 1,277 hours of voicemails per month.

Let us help you drive workflow efficiency and optimize call center staff.

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Reaching Today's Mobile Consumer:

Mobile phone users check their voicemail 22 times per day.

24% of smartphone users have paid bills with their mobile device.

More than 50% of U.S. households only have a mobile phone, not a landline.

With consideration and compliance...

We at VoApps believe that consumers want to pay their debts... but they are very busy and don't like intrusions.

  • A voice message without the intrusion of a call allows a consumer to deal with the issue at their convenience... without calling the phone.
  • Direct2Voicemail provides a landline-to-landline connection to the end users' voicemail platform - not the mobile phone.
  • No call to the mobile phone is ever made with an open voice channel.
  • Knowing when a consumer’s mobile number is working and active means call centers can reach more customers more efficiently, which creates greater opportunity for collections.

  • Mobile Number Insight is the patented solution that identifies the specific disposition of mobile numbers.

...and that's good for your business.

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